Lone Wolf in the Media: Jeremy Johnson – Bowhunting Sucess

We recently had the privilege of working with author, Jeremy Johnson and helped him to build his perfect “10mm Bear Spray” setup. He was kind enough to check in with us and share not only his 2018 Oregon Elk harvest, but also a piece that he wrote for his local newspaper that detailed his decision to get more proactive with his “bear deterrent system”. Continue reading →

Product Spotlight: Timberwolf 19L Signature Series

I want a gun with a short grip and a looooong slide – One of the most common modifications that you see in the aftermarket is chopping a G17 pistol so it takes G19 length magazines. It makes sense, because the butt is the hardest part of the pistol to conceal, and the longer sight radius makes the gun easier to shoot. Today’s product spotlight is a full custom Timberwolf Compact that does exactly that: 19 length grip with a Signature Series 17 length slide.

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How to maintain your Glock

Most people clean their guns too frequently. There’s no need to clean a gun after every range trip, since most people don’t shoot enough in a single range trip to actually matter. If you’re one of those people that enjoy cleaning guns, the good news is that at least with pistols you’re not going to hurt it by cleaning it. But you could just spend that time doing something else.

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