Custom Lone Wolf G9 Spotlight – Fenrir

I own a handful of guns, but nothing brings more joy to the range than my G9 carbine. It has proven itself to be trustworthy by not having a single issue since purchased. 9mm carbines are one of the best do-all options for plinking and target shooting, and it is an easy investment when you can feed them with your existing pistol magazines. Small calibers can achieve big things when propelled out of a 16” barrel.

While carbines are fun to shoot, they are also long and unsuitable for someone who likes a more compact weapon. It is for this reason that AR pistols are becoming so popular. In my opinion, the only reason for AR pistols to exist is to provide the option of a short barrel, without the $200 SBR tax stamp. I have yet to see anybody running a 16” barrel and a pistol tube on their rifle.

Shortly after Sig Sauer released the SB15 Pistol Stabilizing Brace, Lone Wolf began offering their G9 lowers as pistols with the accessory already installed. I had wanted to build a suppressed 9mm AR pistol for some time, and this seemed to be my calling for another G9 build.

Lone Wolf offers the SB15 lowers with both a standard pistol tube and an extended KAK pistol tube. The KAK tube is not as compact, but offers a more comfortable position when shouldering the SB15. Because I value comfort over concealment, I decided to go the KAK route.

I have had what I consider to be the “perfect handguard” kicking around in the drawer of my desk for a little over a year now. I decided to finally put it to use on this build. The Parallax Tactical handguard is 11.5” long and offers the “rails where you need them” option, as well as great ergonomics and a slim profile. The diameter inside the handguard is approximately 1.33” wide. I decided this accessory was a must have upgrade for my new build, and I would make it work no matter what.

My love for the handguard immediately presented a problem. Since I wanted to run the G9 suppressed, I needed a suppressor that was 1.25” diameter. There are a few out there that fit, but they are all longer than I wanted for my personal build. Thankfully, GEMTECH announced their new GM-9 suppressor at SHOT Show earlier this year. It boasts a diameter of 1.25” with only 6.5” OAL. It can even handle subsonic 300BLK, which is another caliber I have been looking to invest in. I was sold, and the problem was solved.

Perhaps one of the most important factors to consider when making an AR pistol is barrel length. When deciding the barrel length for my personal pistol I had to keep a few key factors in mind; weight, balance, ballistic performance, overall length, and function with the handguard. Since the GEMTECH GM-9 is 6.5” I would need at least a 6” barrel to be flush with the end of the 11.5” handguard (you need to subtract approximately 1” of length where the barrel connects to the upper receiver). After reviewing the ballistic performance of 9mm barrel lengths, I decided on a comfortable 7.5”. This would give me the length I need (>11.5”), solid performance, and keep velocity low enough to keep most 9mm ammunition subsonic.

Since I am the Creative Director at Lone Wolf, visual aesthetics play an important role in my life. I literally cringe when I see design elements that don’t follow the basic rules of design. Since I would be investing so much into this pistol I wanted it to look good, however I also value practicality. I recall my older brother once telling me, “black gets you killed.” He was referencing camouflage, meaning that it is better for your loadout to match your environment than contrast it. While I understand some view the matter differently, his experience with the DOD made me an instant believer. After analyzing my local environment, I decided my primary color would be Benelli Sand accented by Magpul FDE.

Before getting my parts Cerakoted, I decided to deep engrave the lower to add even more aesthetic to the project. Because I am also a fan of the company I work for, I decided some LWD teeth would look great on the lower receiver. I handle all of the graphics for our engraving department, so it was pretty easy for me to prepare the graphics for this project. After engraving the sides of the magwell, I was convinced that the teeth needed to wrap around the front as well. This required me making another graphic. Looking back, this addition was a great idea and really made the engraving fit.

I’m not typically the sort to name my guns, but since so much effort was being put into customizing this weapon it truly was going to be one of a kind. I already had the wolf teeth so I decided to name it “Fenrir”. The name was made official when we engraved it into the receiver.

With the engraving complete, the receivers and handguard were stripped and shipped to Mod 1 Firearms for Cerakote.

Now that I basically knew what the firearm was going to be it was time to invest in some upgrades, this is where the Magpul FDE accents came into play.

I started out with what I consider to be my “staples”:

·  1) Magpul MOE+ Grip (because ergonomically it agrees with me)

·  2) Magpul Rail Ladders (to protect unused rail space)

·  3) BCM Mod3 Charging Handle (because bigger is better)

·  4) Troy Flip Up front/rear sights

·  5) Magpul B.A.D. Lever (on the G9 this can be used to hold the bolt open during reloads)

·  6) Magpul ASAP Sling Plate (for ambidextrous tactical awesomeness)

I also grabbed a few optional upgrades that I thought would fit this build nicely:

·  1) GGG Surefire G2 Light Mount (because seeing in the dark is often handy)

·  2) TruGlo Green Tactical Micro Laser

·  3) UTG Tactical Hand Stop Kit

·  4) A Trijicon RM06 Micro Red Dot Sight

After a short wait, the receivers and handguard returned from Mod 1 and it was time for assembling. Since I am far-sighted I decided to experiment by mounting the RMR as far from my cheek weld as possible. This does shrink the window of the optic, but the theory is that it provides faster acquisition by reducing the depth perception between the shooter and the target. Unfortunately, I still have to wait for my paperwork to return in order to mount the GM-9. In the meantime a fake suppressor from US Machinegun will hold its place.

The trigger could maybe still use an upgrade to a lighter and crisper 3 Gun model. As it stands I am very happy with this G9, the weight balances perfectly at the magwell and it performs beyond my expectations.

There is obviously a lot to consider when building up an G9 pistol simply because of all the possibilities. If you are interested in owning one for yourself, you can start by ordering the assembled upper and lower from


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