What to look for in a 9mm Carbine





All of these are 9mm, but they are all configured differently

“Amateurs practice until they get it right, professionals practice until they can’t get it wrong.” – Unknown

Everyone who owns a 5.56 AR-15 should have a 9mm carbine for training.  Here’s what to look for:
When I shoot a new rifle or pistol, if nothing on the weapon interferes with me hitting the target, or reloading it, I’m good to go.  The less that I have to adapt to a new system, the happier I am.  That’s why I want a 9mm carbine that is as close to a clone of an AR-15 as I can get it.


magzinesGlock magazines are readily available. From L to R: 15 rds, 17 rds & 33 rds


Magazine availability is a huge deal to me.
The magazine is a critical part of the weapon.  I always buy 10 or 12.  Magazines are a consumable item much like ammo.  If you practice regularly they will wear out.  Being able to find extras at your nearest gun or big box store is a definite plus.





A selection of rails


If your 9mm carbine won’t allow you to use the same grips, trigger or rail system, you bought the wrong carbine.
Identical or similar sights to teach your eyes what to look for and your brain to recognize what it is seeing.
Having the same trigger, grip and stock will give you the maximum return for your practice.
You can only improve so much by only doing dry fire drills, but you can’t simulate coming out of recoil, reacquiring your sights and resetting your trigger without doing live fire.  A 9mm carbine can allow you to do all of the above at a fraction of the cost and with much less noise.




Shooting Steel is  excellent practice

5 thoughts on “What to look for in a 9mm Carbine

  1. I never really understood the need of a 9mm AR Carbine. But I was not thinking about using it for practice and the economic benefit. Then I had that lights on epiphany moment!
    It would easily pay for itself in a couple of months.

  2. I keep finding your 9mm AR’s out of stock.
    May I pay (non refundable) and patently wait for your system to catch up?

    Thank you & Give Dave Biggers some grief…….George Lee.

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