Wondering about using a Gen3 slide on a Gen4 frame?

Here’s a handy chart showing off what a Gen4 frame and Gen3 slides cause.

You’ll see the gap above the dustcover due to the different design of the Gen4.

You’ll need to use a Gen3 guide rod assembly for proper fitment.

This combination will function fine, but you’ll have a cosmetic gap around the dustcover.

The longer the slide (Tactical Length/ Lonslides) the less noticeable the gap is.

5 thoughts on “Wondering about using a Gen3 slide on a Gen4 frame?

  1. Will your alpha wolf M34 signature series slide fit a glock 17 gen 4 frame without this cosmetic appearance or much of one?

    1. Hello,

      Sorry for the delay in response. A Gen4 M34 slide would not have the cosmetic gap. If you have any further questions please reach out to us on Facebook, via email, or though our store.

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