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Things to consider when putting a red dot on your Glock...
Thursday, October 27th, 2011 10:00 AM
Many shooters are quickly realizing the benefits of micro red dot sights or "MRDS". There are a few different ways to mount a MRDS onto your slide, but there are some things you'll need to consider before making the leap. Read on to get the full details.

We'll be strictly speaking of mounting red dots on Glocks today.

If you plan on mounting a red dot to your factory slide your choices are a bit limited. A dovetail mount that replaces your rear sight with a mount and adapter plate, is the easiest and quickest way to mount it. We do not currently offer any machining services on factory slides.

We deal in Burris Fastfire sights so if you'd like to mount a FF on your factory slide use this mount.

Where the options open up is when you purchase one of our stainless steel slides. With our slides we can do a few different methods: drill and tap, Burris dovetail mount, race cut slide melt, combat cut slide melt, and picatinny rear rail mount.

Drill and Tap: With a drill and tap, its the most economical way to mount a red dot to your slide. We drill and tap two holes into the slide allowing you to bolt the sight right to the slide. SEE HERE

Burris Dovetail Mount: This is a mount offered by Burris that replaces your rear sight and provides a mounting point for the FF. This is the only way to mount a red dot without any special machine work or any permanent modifications. SEE HERE

Race Cut Slide Melt: This is our most common slide melt method. We actually machine the slide down allowing the red dot to sit down into the slide. The race cut version eliminates the rear dovetail completely and is suited for competition guns . SEE HERE

Combat Cut Slide Melt: This is rapidly becoming a popular combat or defensive type of mounting system. We machine the slide allowing the red dot to sit down into the slide, but we push the red dot forward while retaining the rear dovetail. This allows the user to have taller sights installed to co-witness with the red dot. This is great for situations where your batteries die, or you forget to switch on the sight. It looks pretty cool too! SEE HERE

Picatinny Rear Rail: This is a mounting system where we actually machine a picatinny rail into the rear of your slide, allowing you to mount multiple different red dots; giving you plenty of sight options. Its the most versatile mounting system, but its not as "clean" of a mount as the normal slide melts. SEE HERE

As you can see, there are tons of exciting options; when it comes to mounting a red dot to your Glock these days.

We sell Burris FastFires, making them the "quick and easy" choice; but if you find yourself wanting a Leupold Deltapoint, Trijicon RMR or some other red dot; we can do that too. You'll just need to send in your sight with your order so we can match up the sight to the slide properly.

When iron sights just won't do the job anymore; let us mount a red dot for you!

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