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Lone Wolf G9 Carbine Update
Thursday, October 20th, 2011 12:35 PM
We get alot of questions about our G9 receivers and where we are at with production. I thought I'd take some time here and explain the current situation with the G9 receivers and where we've come from.

As most of you know the G9's show as backordered on the website. This does not mean we haven't been producing or shipping them though. We slightly underestimated demand for a high quality Glock mag fed AR15 carbine. Due to this underestimation we had many backorders for them.

We are nearly through our backorders and the next few batches of G9's should show as ample stock on the website available for purchase right away. We are thankful we have had patient customers that understand sometimes there are manufacturing roadblocks.

Some of the changes along the way we've made are; improved the finish on the receivers to a more even and deep black finish. We also opened up the magwells a bit after some complaints about mags sticking. We sized the magwells for Glock OEM magazines. We do not size them for imported magazines. We have found that KCI and KHAN mags don't follow a strict dimensional uniformity. Therefore we only size them for Glock mags. We also went from a standard 3oz CAR buffer to a heavier 5.25oz 9mm buffer. This weight change smoothed out the recoil impulse and made the carbines much more pleasant to shoot.

Now that we have the 9mm's pretty much sorted out we are going to start venturing to other calibers. The first caliber will more then likely be .40S&W since its the 2nd most requested caliber. The holdup in prototyping and production is that instead of a straight blowback design we'll need to do a gas operated upper to help deal with the increased pressures. This takes much more design work to do properly.

We've also had some questions about what mods are needed if you aren't using our uppers. If you buy an upper from us they are ready to bolt on and run. If you purchase a Spikes, RRA, Colt, CMMG or similar upper the bolt is designed for use with a wider double stack magazine therefore the bolt is a bit too wide where it strips the next round. We offer to machine customers bolts for $35+ return shipping. This machining will clearance the underside of the bolts to clear the magazine feed lips. Doing this modification will still allow your bolt to work with the original mags it was designed for plus it'll also work with the Glock mags.

I'm sure there's more questions about the receivers so if you have a question you'd like to see answered please use the contact us link at the top of the page and I'll add it here.

If you'd like to buy your own G9 lower go here
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