How to maintain your Glock

Most people clean their guns too frequently. There’s no need to clean a gun after every range trip, since most people don’t shoot enough in a single range trip to actually matter. If you’re one of those people that enjoy cleaning guns, the good news is that at least with pistols you’re not going to hurt it by cleaning it. But you could just spend that time doing something else.

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New Products available: Armscor .22TCM9R conversion barrels!

If you’ve never shot a pistol chambered in the original .22 TCM, you are missing out. Pushing a tiny bullet at nearly 2,000 FPS out of a 1911 style platform resulted in a feeling that was similar to shooting a very noisy airsoft gun. To put it mildly, it was rad. But the original .22 TCM was too long to function in most modern semi-autos. Until now, because Armscor has just launched the .22 TCM 9R round, and a set of Glock conversion barrels for it!

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Custom gun questions: Should I have an aftermarket slide milled for an optic?

We’ve been talking a lot of red dot stuff lately, and there’s no wonder why – red dot optics are taking the CCW world by storm. More and more people are mounting red dots on their pistols, to the point where most major manufacturers are offering a “factory” red dot mount. That leaves shooters with the choice of buying the factory option or buying an aftermarking slide and having it milled.

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Customer profile: Frank Peralta – Kifarucast

If you’ve ordered a backpack or tarp from Kifaru International, there’s a very good chance that you’ve spoken with Frank “Tort Life” Peralta. At the very least; you’ve seen photos online of Frank in some pretty spectacular places in the name of “product testing”. It just so happens to be that Frank has a very nasty, custom gun habit. And when it comes to things of that nature, we of course are always happy to contribute to that kind of addiction. Continue reading →