LWD and MDF Bridger Bucks partnership: 4 years of raising money for conservation!

Every year for the past four years, The MDF’s Brett Hyde, has invited us to participate in a custom pistol build, to be raffled off to help raise money for Mule Deer conservation. We of course are always excited to be involved and have worked with them to build a unique, and very custom pistol each year. Usually, each pistol ends up fetching between $1,000-$1,500, with the proceeds going towards habitat improvement and other conservation related work. This year the custom G20SF that we built, brought in a record setting $2,500!

We have even higher hopes for next year’s raffle!

A note from Brett Hyde, regarding the efforts of the Bridger Bucks MDF chapter, and what they’ve done for Mule Deer conservation in Montana:

“In their twelfth year of existence, the Bridger Bucks Chapter of the Mule Deer Foundation has solidified itself as one of Montana’s top contributors to habitat projects across the state. The Chapter’s April fundraiser in Bozeman yielded more than $40,000, which will be appropriated to successful project applicants at the end of the calendar year. Moving forward, all of Montana MDF Chapters will remain focused on enhancement of critical mule deer habitat and migration corridors. Such projects becoming increasingly important, as Montana’s population continues to grow and critical mule deer winter and fawning grounds continue to disappear, due to development. Thus far in 2018, MDF has contributed $105,000 to thirteen habitat projects in Western Montana. MDF will also continue to contribute staff time and resources to curb poaching and help contain a recent outbreak of Chronic Wasting Disease in Montana mule deer. ”   

The LWD-built, custom G20SF on display next to another item (FHF bino harness) that was also raffled off at the banquet.


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