Lone Wolf Distributors featured in Deadpool 2..?!!!

AHHHHHH (long sigh of relief)…now we can finally spill the beans!!!

This was the very first teaser photo that Fox released, featuring Domino and her Lone Wolf blaster.


By now, you’re either fresh from the movie theater and are still buzzing from all the superhero arse-kickery and newest Deadpool-isms. Or you are dancing in your seat, counting down the ticks on the office wall clock…and are about to immerse yourself in the latest installment of the Marvel Universe. Aw, everyone’s favorite “neighborhood pool guy”. Well, if you are a Lone Wolf fan (and you must be…otherwise, why are you wasting your time reading this garble?!), keep your eyes wide open and glued to the lovely shape of Domino’s hip area. And what we mean by that, is pay attention to the lovely hardware that Domino’s packing on her hip! If you look close enough, you’ll spot what appears to be a white-colored highly modified pistol, nestled in a very custom, made for the silver screen thigh rig. And if you look even closer, you’ll spot one of our original Signature Series slides (now the #22-1), sporting a custom machined AlphaWolf compensator mounted onto a threaded AlphaWolf barrel,  White Battleworn finish and a Trijicon RMR RDS.

This action sequence happens very quickly and the screen grab is a bit blurry…but there’s no mistaking that beautiful, LWD-built goodness strapped to Domino’s hip.

Looking into the future, we see phone calls and emails based around the question of whether or not we plan to offer pre-built “Domino” slides for sale. While pre-built theme slides are likely off the table, we will most likely offer an AlphaWolf compensator configured to match our Signature Series #22 slides…which is what we did for Miss Domino. After that it will be relatively simple for you to build up your own, custom “Domino” slide. And if you haven’t already figured out how to put it all together; just drop an email or phone call to one of your favorite, neighborhood LWD Customer Service reps. They’ve got your six.

These two slides that we built for Fox’s production team, have undeniable superhero appeal.


A closer look at the modified AlphaWolf compensators that were customized for some extra, superhero flare, worthy of the “Domino” character.


A screen grab from a “behind the scenes” clip. We just can’t stop staring at that right-side hip area.



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