New custom slide pattern: what did we just do?!

There’s times around the ol’ Lone Wolf R&D department, when the beer is flowing freely and someone breaks out a crayon and sketches out an idea that is really outside of the box. And with the proper adult supervision, these ideas get recorded for posterity and end up on the machine room floor. And with that being said…check out what is being added to our Signature Series slide line, dubbed “#23”!

All angles of the Signature Series #23 are a direct departure from the norm.


We debuted the #23 this past weekend, at the Brownells 2nd Amendment Sale. The question was posed to attendees, if they had “ever seen a round profiled slide, intended for a Glock frame before?”. The answer was a resounding “no”, no one had EVER seen a custom slide quite like this. The feedback was a nice mix of “what the heck?!”, “that’s surely different!”, “how does it shoot”, “take my money now!!!!”…to “that’s disgusting! Why would you even do that?!”. The Signature Series slide #23 definitely created a buzz, if it did anything. We can’t wait to get feedback from customers who order this pattern and take it to the range! This design should make for a very fast-tracking and flat shooting slide….just wait until we release a matching compensator!

As always, we are ever moving forward, looking ahead, and always outside the box.






  1. Of all the radical slides for Glock frames that I’ve seen that have outrageous angles and geometry in their cuts and slide ports, this is one of the most interesting, aesthetically pleasing aftermarket slides that I’ve come across. Being a minimalist in nature when it comes to pistol slide designs and customization, I say that if you’re going to go after a really custom look, you should throw the book out the window, and Lone Wolf has done just that with this design. I really like the rounded front portion of the slide that shrouds the barrel – it just has a sleekness to the look that you can’t get anywhere else. Looking at the design, the only thing I might have done a little differently was the rear cocking serrations – I would have extended them all the way down the sides to the bottom of the slide for a larger purchase area, mainly because I have large hands and it would allow for me to get more of my paws onto the serrations for a better grip when racking the slide. Other than that, I really think this is a beautiful design and it has me wanting to save up for one to add to my Polymer80 PF940C custom build. I love the look and design so much that I’d even leave it uncoated – just let the stainless steel shine!

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