Locally grown, GMO-free slides and barrels

A few years back, Subaru had a great set of commercials which you might remember. They called it “The Love Campaign” and the tagline was “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru.” They coupled that with ads pointing out how all Subarus for sale in the states are made in Indiana, and that their plant is so wholesome there are deer running loose on the grounds. The reason why these were great ads is that they connected Subaru with their passionate user base while also showcasing the company’s emotional investment in their own products.

Right about now you’re probably wondering what this has to do with guns, and I promise that it does. See, at the time Subaru launched these ads, the US car market was crazy, and Subaru needed to figure out how to sell their more expensive product against Honda and Toyota, whose comparable products cost $5,000 less. So they decided to appeal to customer’s desire to belong to something, to be part of a brand that seemed to care. It worked, and the passion for their product has become an integral part of Subaru’s branding.

Now take a look at the state of the aftermarket for custom parts, especially for Glocks. There are a million companies out there, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out what sets one company apart from the other. Sure, we could talk about how the steel we select for our Alphawolf slides is a higher quality than the OEM product, or how our Alphawolf M&P Shield barrels enhance accuracy, but that’s not the point of this post. The title really explains it, albeit in a humorous fashion. What we’re really about is creating a great product, right here in the states, that’s made by people who genuinely care about what they do, are passionate about the firearms community and the shooting sports. We have the best job in the world, really. We get to make parts for people who care enough about their guns to personalize them, and we put that same level of care and effort into every slide, every barrel, every connector, and even every blog post.

We’re not going to hit you with some hippy-dippy love campaign, though. We’re a small company in Idaho, making great products that we stand behind for people who want them. You don’t find that kind of passion everywhere.


  1. When will I be able to buy again a 3.78 inch stainless chrome barrel for my Glock 29 Gen 4 10 mm ? You have not had any for sale for about a year . They were for sale for about $100.00 back then .

    1. Ronald,
      Thanks for reaching out and thank you for your support! We do have G29 barrels available in our AlphaWolf line: https://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=920345. They are Salt Bath Nitride treated and are black in color. But if you don’t want a black barrel; they can be PVD coated, or Cerakote-ed upon request.

      It likely will be awhile before we add them back into our Lone Wolf line, just FYI.

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