One gun to rule them all

The alternate title of this post could be: “why a pistol caliber carbine makes perfect sense.” In case you hadn’t noticed, pistol caliber carbines, or PCCs are so hot right now, I could use that meme of Will Ferrel from Zoolander to describe them. This is thanks, in large part to USPSA adopting PCC as a division, and a horde of 3-gun shooters also adopting PCC as a solid choice. But what if you’re not interested in competition shooting, does a PCC still make sense?

Heck yes it does! First, and most importantly, PCCs like our Alphawolf PCC are just fun to shoot. After all, this is supposed to be fun, right?

Let’s forget about fun for the moment though and focus on practicality. Specifically, why a PCC makes sense as not just a “fun at the range” gun. If we accept the logical statement that “hits stop fights,” a PCC is much easier to score hits with in a home defense situation, than a pistol. While also being easier to suppress, easier to shoot, and cheaper to practice with, than a traditional rifle caliber carbine. It also has the advantage, at least with our gun, of sharing magazines with your carry pistol. Tell me that’s not practical.

Being easier to shoot is a huge plus for a PCC, as well. Obviously, everyone reading this is a strapping 6’4, former high school linebacker, who deadlifts 400 and isn’t bothered by recoil. But for smaller stature, or less skilled shooters, a gun that doesn’t really have any recoil to speak of, is a great choice. Additionally, the ammo commonality with your pistol that we mentioned above, is nice for budget minded shooters. If maybe all you can afford is a pistol for EDC and a long gun for the house, not having to stockpile and train with two different types of ammunition is a pretty great idea.

I used it anyway

Of course, if the pure fun factor doesn’t convince, if you’re not swayed by having a carbine that’s easy to shoot and shares mags and ammo with your carry pistol, if the idea of having a gun in the house anyone can use doesn’t blow your skirt up, maybe a PCC isn’t for you.

Nah, it just means you need to shoot one and then you’ll understand. So what are you waiting for?

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