Damascus Slides for your Glock

Yes, you read that correctly. We have, and will soon be offering for sale, Random pattern Damascus steel slides for your Glock pistol. I know what you might be thinking: “but why though? It’s a Glock, not a BBQ gun.” Well the answer is very simple:

Because it’s cool as hell, that’s why. The late Jeff Cooper once said that he had no idea why anyone would want a 10,000 dollar shotgun, in reference to Perazzi’s guns, but that he was glad to live in a world where such a thing existed. And that may be exactly how you feel about a Damascus steel slide for a Glock pistol. Or you may be thinking that it’s a gorgeous work of art, and you absolutely need one in your life. Let’s just take a second and let these images speak for themselves:

Need even more flare? How about a deeply engraved Filigree pattern to fill the space where the folded steel is not as apparent.

A side by side comparison of two Damascus slides, post acid etch (acid etching highlights the layers of steel); the slide on the left has been given a satin finish. A very nice contrast and one more option to consider.

Now that you’re done, let’s go back to the “why” did we do this. Honestly, we did this because we can. There’s no measurable performance advantage to fancy engraving on a slide, a custom finish or even slides made out of exotic steels. But man, does it all look good! We thought it would be beyond cool, to elevate a gun that is the most common of self-defense implements, to the same level of craftsmanship that you might see in a “BBQ gun”.

Admit it, you think it’s “kinda neat looking” and you “kinda want one”. These will be available soon and allow for full customization from the end user as well. Which is appropriate, since pattern-welded steel isn’t cheap. Starting price will be around $1500, but think about the unique piece you’ll be creating. This really isn’t just a replacement slide that you’re going to slap on your pistol, run it for awhile and then move onto the next custom trend. No, this is the kind of slide that’s going to end up on a gun that will be passed onto your children, and then their children. A true 2nd amendment, legacy piece.

***Post script blog amendment: these slides are now available!!! Go HERE to create your very own Damascus steel family heirloom.




  1. I bought a #11 pattern slide for a G17, never had it cerakoted or anything. Am I able I to send this in to have the Damascus pattern etched into it.

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