Lone Wolf launches outstanding affiliate program

Do you have a blog, youtube page or a social media presence? Do you like money? Do you like guns? Do you want me to keep asking you dumb questions?

I didn’t think so. Instead, I’m going to tell you about our cool, new affiliate program. Not to throw shade, but most of the other affiliate programs in the industry kinda suck. Getting paid a 2% commission only on specific products is lame. There’s no juice for you, and most industry programs just sort of…fizzle.

That’s why we followed Amazon’s example and took a hard look at their affiliate program. Look, why reinvent the wheel when there’s already a perfectly good program out there? A program that people have used to make a lot of money, actually. Our program is similar: link to our website or a product using the banners and tracking links we provide, and if someone buys a product within a 14 day window (for most websites) BOOM you make 8%. Eight percent! Someone could visit our website via your web link and easily throw down a grand on a custom build. And the next thing you know, you’ve got 80 sweet bucks in your bank account, that you can turn around and spend on more gun parts, with us…!

Just kidding, you can spend it on whatever you want. Do you want to start turning your content into dollar signs, while building a partnership with us? Go to this link and make it happen!

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