Lone Wolf in the media: Browning Hi-Power threaded barrels

Did you know that we make threaded barrels for the Browning Hi-Power? Well, you do now, thanks to Jeremy’s awesome review of them on his YouTube channel.

That’s right, we have threaded barrels for the Browning Hi Power. Everyone knows we make the most awesome aftermarket barrels on the planet. And what could be more awesome than putting a suppressor on your Browning Hi-Power? Nothing. Nothing is more awesome than that.

Plus, a threaded barrel is a great start for a custom build, like the one pictured here that happens to belong to my boss. These are beautiful guns, and the BHP personally holds a soft spot in my heart for its depiction in countless films and television. Despite more modern versions of the BHP being produced, such as the Practical model, it never really caught on in the modern age, and that’s a shame. But now thanks to our barrels, you can step your BHP up into the current era of firearms technology and equip it with the latest and greatest in suppressor technology.

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