We’ve launched a new connector!

In the past we’ve mentioned how customizing your gun can result in some pretty great performance improvements, and specifically mentioned changing the connector in your Glock’s trigger as a way to do that. Well, if you liked our original 3.5# connector, you’re going to love our newest connector!

Our original 3.5# connector is the industry standard for aftermarket Glock connectors, and we have sold hundreds of thousands of them. We took feedback from the shooters and our own expertise and have developed the new, upgraded 3.5# Target Connector. Building on the success of our classic 3.5 connector, the new Target Connector features a superb reset, compatibility with all Glock generations (except the 42/43), and our proven track record of reliability.

Speaking of the Glock 42 and 43, are you tired of the junky trigger that you get with OEM parts? Don’t you want to upgrade your shooting experience? Good news, because we’ve relaunched our G42/43 connector! This is a huge improvement over the OEM 6 pound connector, giving you a lighter trigger pull with a positive reset, and most importantly making your gun easier to shoot well. Because everyone knows that hits stop fights, and these small pocket guns are hard enough to shoot as is. Why not make it easier?

It’s basically connector paradise over here right now; in addition to launching the new Target model and bringing back the G42/43 model, we’re also offering a three-pack of connectors for the price of one. When you buy the Ultimate Connector Kit you get our OG 3.5# connector, our new Target model, and the Classic connector, which replicates and improves on the original OEM “long minus” connector.

The Ultimate Connector Kit also includes a 6# trigger spring, which I personally believe is a mandatory upgrade for any custom build. The 6# spring makes the trigger pull feel smoother all the way through its travel and helps eliminate that hard ledge break that becomes such a problem for so many shooters when dealing with OEM triggers.

One more little detail – the price. Sure, we could have built this pack with all these great connectors and charged you $50 for it, but why do that? The whole kit and kaboodle is priced at $29, and for that you get all three connectors, and the trigger spring. It’s a great deal because you can try all three of them and figure out which one gives you the feeling that you’re searching for in your trigger.

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