New cerakote option with Battlecam!

Have you always wanted to make your gun stand out…by making it blend it? Now you can, with our new Battlecam Cerakote finish! Evocative of the US Army and Air Force’s official camouflage pattern, the Battlecam pattern is the perfect choice to give your custom build that “field ready” look.

Of course, the problem with camouflage anything, is that there’s always going to be that one dude who makes the joke about how he (or she) can’t see it, but to be honest it’s worth it, because these finishes are pretty sick. You can apply them to a slide, a frame, or a complete gun if you want to be militantly extra.

First up is Battlecam Black: a subdued pattern, featuring black and various grey hues that lends a futuristic, almost dystopian science fiction film feeling to your custom gun.

Battlecam Urban adds a mix of earth tones into the blacks and greys for a camo pattern that not only looks cool, but would be functional in multiple environments.

The final pattern is Battlecam Desert, which uses traditional earth tones for a perfect, modern desert camouflage appearance.

Once you get the custom Cerakote finish on your gun, you can set about giving that “worn” look the best way anyone knows how to do that, which is shoot the gun. Nothing looks better to my eyes than a Cerakote finish that’s been worn down by hundreds of reps in and out of a holster.

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