Get out and shoot!

Summer is finally in full swing and you know what that means, right? Time to go shooting! There’s no better way to enjoy the long summer days, than by getting in some range time. To help you do that, we’ve got a couple of our favorite shooting products, some drills, and other ways to enjoy your summer range time!

First off, let’s get your gun set up for summer shooting. We can keep this one easy and hook you up with the Ultimate Adjustable Trigger. With the UAT you can take all the nasty slop out of your gun’s trigger without detail stripping the gun. And we all know that a better trigger pull just automatically leads to more rounds downrange. No one wants to go shoot a gun with a gross, crunchy trigger that feels like dragging a broken piece of glass through gravel, right? So fix your trigger and enjoy that summer range time!

Alright, now that you’ve got a good trigger, let’s talk about some drills to shoot on the range. You could work on accuracy but that’s boring, so let’s work on being an instagram hero instead and talk about my favorite drill: the bill drill. This one is simple: 6 shots from the holster into the center of the target. To be instagram famous you need to do this under 2 seconds like this:

In all seriousness though, the Bill Drill is an excellent way to improve your speed and accuracy with a pistol. It’s really easy to set up! All you need is an 8 inch circle target, set it seven yards away, and a shot timer. Set the shot timer up and start working! Of course, if hosing bullets isn’t your speed, or maybe all you’ve got is a single box of ammo, you can try Dot Torture. This drill tests your accuracy as you’ll be shooting at 2 inch targets the entire time. Try to get all 50 hits!

No summer range trip would be complete without a new gun, right? Have you seen our new AlphaWolf PCC?

It’s currently available in .45 ACP with 9mm coming soon, but come on, tell me you wouldn’t want to go to the range with a .45 ACP rifle that takes Glock magazines and just burn targets down? I know I would! Which is why I have been working on buttering up my girlfriend, so she doesn’t send me to the doghouse after I dump this next paycheck on one.

Regardless, it’s summer time. Get outside. Put on some sunscreen. Buy some ammo! But go shooting!


One of our employees, shooting the uber fun, AlphaWolf PCC 45.

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