The Ultimate Grey Man gun

If you’re new to the concealed carry community, you’ve probably heard the phrase “grey man” being tossed around, and might have wondered what it means, exactly. To be a grey man, means that you exemplify the ideal traits of a concealed carrier: you can pass completely unnoticed by everyone else in the world, but you posses the necessary skills and training to prevail in a violent confrontation if necessary.

In collaboration with Kevin Michalowski, editor of US Concealed Carry Magazine, Lone Wolf has created the ultimate Grey Man Gun. The idea behind this project was to create a modern, striker fired carry pistol that maximizes shootability and utility, while retaining concealability and portability. This is the process.

We started with the AlphaWolf Gen 3 bare slide. This is our most popular slide for compact pistols, and for the Grey Man gun, we added some pretty fantastic custom machining to it. Once the slide was machined and looking sharp, we gave it an FDE PVD finish, for a nice, low profile appearance. *UPDATE (05/28/19) we now offer the Grey Man Gun also in Sniper Grey and Stainless versions.

Up next was the barrel. We outfitted the gun with a standard length selection from our LWD line, that was also refinished in FDE to match the slide. The barrel is completely drop in, and fits GEN 1-5 Glock 19 models. But unlike factory Glock barrels, it’s safe to shoot lead reloads. To further enhance the Grey Man Gun, we opted to add the flush cut, deep cone on the barrel crown. Cutting the barrel flush with the slide not only looks fantastic, but protects the muzzle crown from impact damage that could affect accuracy.

To finish off the upper, we added a tungsten guide rod assembly (adding balance and weight to the muzzle to help tame muzzle rise), and a complete lightweight firing pin kit. Sights are the simple and effective Ameriglo classic green/yellow night sights (*only on FDE and stainless models). These feature a contrasting green front sight dot and two yellow rear sight dots, which makes it easy to distinguish your front sight from your rear sight during low light conditions.

The lower receiver starts out as a vanilla Glock OEM frame, but then we upgrade it pretty considerably with our Compact Gen 3 frame kit. The frame kit offers considerable enhancements over OEM parts, including an extended slide stop and our legendary “721 Classic” connector. By installing this kit into the Grey Man Gun, we’ve maximized the shooter’s ability to get fast, fight stopping hits should an emergency arise.

The Grey Man Gun is more than just a custom gun; while it certainly is that, it represents a mindset that we believe everyone who carries concealed should posses. It’s ready to do the job if called upon, but until that moment, you’ll never even know it’s there.

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