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One of the beauties of the 2A community, is that it is relatively small. And with the nature of our business here at Lone Wolf; we end up working with some very dynamic and interesting people along the way. Meet “zeus7actual”, former US military who now trains elite forces in undisclosed areas of the world. 

Operators prefer function over aesthetics, but still have very distinguished tastes in their personal gear.

High-speed types, while usually leaning towards function over aesthetics; don’t necessarily prefer that their “functional” weapon selections be completely boring. We’ve worked with Daniel Liss, also known as “Zeus7Actual” for a number of years now, getting his personal Glock pistols dialed in and to his specs. Like anyone working overseas, away from their families…once the dust settles at the end of the day and they get some down time, their mind wanders and plans get made. He was issued a Glock 19 during his current assignment and contacted me a short time afterwards, expressing how he’d come to love the compact-sized pistol and how he wanted to have a Compact sized Timberwolf built for him, and to be awaiting his next return stateside.

After a multitude of text messages, emails and facebook PM’s; he ended up going with something that wasn’t the run-of-the-mill Compact “Glock”. The build started with one of our G17-length AlphaWolf OEM profile slides, that had been PVD coated Graphite Grey, along with a slide adaptor and an extended length G19 AlphaWolf barrel. When mounted to a Compact frame; this gave him a “compact longslide”, if you will. This setup has a host of benefits when it comes to slinging lead down range. His intent was to use this as an EDC piece, as well as the foundation for a defensive pistol training course, that he plans to teach upon his permanent return stateside.

He wanted something that was accurate and easy to shoot. With that in mind; we built the Compact Timberwolf frame using one of our 721 Classic minus connectors, six pound trigger spring and a UAT adjustable trigger. Other components that lent to a smooth and crisp trigger pull; were our Titanium firing pin and enhanced safety plunger. To wrap everything up, he went sweet and simple, with a pair of night sights from Night Fision. The end result was a weapon that’s concealable and comfortable to carry, while also offering enhancements that will give the shooter every advantage when it clears leather…or kydex.

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Clean and ready for inspection.


zeus7actual all in, after pushing his body to the limits in the gym; so that he can be fit enough to push the bodies of elite soldiers to their limits on the training grounds.

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