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Author Jeremy Johnson comes across as very low-key and soft spoken. But don’t let his easy going demeanor fool you! When it comes to bowhunting the back country for bugling bull Elk…Jeremy has the wisdom of someone twice his age and the toughness to match. We recently had the pleasure of working with him on building his idea of the ultimate backcountry Glock 20.

Jeremy wanted to customize his GEN4 G20 to maximize packability and accuracy for backcountry defense. So that’s exactly what we did.

I was giving a seminar on “Alternative calibers for backcountry defense” at last year’s NOWA (Northwest Outdoor Writers Association) conference, and when it came time for Q&A, the first hand that went up, came from a youngish looking guy in the back row. His demeanor was very mellow, but his questions were very targeted and specific. It was obvious that he had been paying attention and wanted to learn more about the subject. Later on, while at the range event that we had sponsored, I was thunderstruck to realize that I already knew Jeremy from social media and that we ran in some of the same circles. He had told me that the year prior, after being packed miles into the backcountry by a horse packer, he had stashed all his gear under a tarp and then taking just the bare necessities, hiked in further to spend a few days spiking out. When he ran out of food, and after being drenched in a gnarly mountain rainstorm, he returned to find that some low-life had raided his camp and stolen almost EVERYTHING (a hanging offense, in my book). Included in what was stolen, was the G29 that he had brought along for bear defense. He learned several very valuable lessens that day…the hard way.

He told me that my seminar had convinced him that he needed to purchase another 10mm and after hearing about everything that we could do to maximize it for his needs…that’s exactly what he did. He later sent in his new, Grey frame GEN4 G20 and we went to work! His goal was to maximize the “packability” and potential accuracy of the gun. Beyond that, he left things pretty much open to my interpretation. The only specific request that he made, was in regards to the sights. He had spent some time at an old friend’s ranch in Texas, who had a Glock set up with a set of Advantage Tactical sights, which he shot with very well.
Jeremy chose to go with a set of sights from Advantage Tactical.


The Battlecam Black Cerakote finish pairs nicely with Jeremy’s GEN4 Grey frame.


To shave some slide weight without going too radical; we treated Jeremy’s GEN4 G20 slide to our Signature Series #22 machining. This will allow the slide to track faster, with less reciprocating mass. Our new Battlecam Black Cerakote finish matched up with this GEN4 Grey frame perfectly, so that was added to seal up the carbon steel exposed from the slide machining and to add some stylish flare. We added in a Tungsten guide rod, with 22# ISMI recoil spring to help mitigate recoil and to handle the heavier hardcast loads that Jeremy would be feeding through the new AlphaWolf barrel. A lightweight firing pin assembly and enhanced safety plunger plays nice with the UAT adjustable trigger and 342-1 Target connector; yielding an insanely short and light trigger pull. After all of the upgrades, the only thing really left to do, was to add in some extended control levers. So an extended slide stop and extended slide lock lever finished things off in the functionality department.

Well, there was one last, final touch added…to personalize Jeremy’s backcountry bear stopper. And that was a custom slide cover plate. Well, actually we ended up doing up five different slide cover plates. It’s better to have and not need…than to need and not have. Right?!

We gave Jeremy plenty of options when it came to adding the final detail: custom slide cover plates.


You can learn more about Jeremy Johnson and purchase his book “Bowhunting Success” here.

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