Lone Wolf Collaborates with VIKTOS Brand!

Col. Hannibal Smith always said that he loved it when a “plan comes together”. And often a good plan has a way of materializing in front of you, making so much sense that it just has to be unbeatable. Enter 2A clothing company, VIKTOS: what started with a single conversation, led to a meeting of the minds and a collaboration between companies.

Lone Wolf Distributors and VIKTOS: a media collaboration that just made sense.

VIKTOS is a relatively new, family run company. But to look at their polished website and media feeds, you wouldn’t ever guess that was the case. Peruse their product line and you’ll find some very stylish, functional, 2A friendly designs that don’t scream “look at me! I’m probably carrying a gun!”. That fact makes their gear appealing to the entire cross-section of the 2A community, and possibly even beyond the realm of firearm loving citizens. Behind the scenes, you’ll find some very capable, “salt of the earth” people. People who, we at Lone Wolf can identify with.

The custom 3D engraved slide cover plate featuring the VIKTOS “Sword and Shield” emblem finishes off the custom build nicely.

It didn’t take very long into the first phone conversation with VIKTOS VP, Justin Fox, before the realization set in that there was a great opportunity for collaboration between the two companies. Justin was very enthusiastic about the many possibilities and communicated his strong belief that “2A companies have to stick together”. Something about that just makes too much sense.

So, for starters, be prepared to spot one gnarly Timberwolf M34 build making appearances in upcoming VIKTOS media. You’ll likely also spot other Lone Wolf products, like the AlphaWolf PCC in the future. Just keep your eyes open and glued to their social media feeds, website, catalog and maybe even the oddball Viktos ad in RECOIL magazine. And of course, be sure to check out everything that VIKTOS offers while you’re at it.

Here’s the breakdown of the VIKTOS Timberwolf M34 build:

-Fullsize Timberwolf frame with Midnight Bronze Cerakote and notched Timberwolf magwell

-“Defensive” trigger job featuring 5# connector, 6# trigger spring and UAT adjustable trigger

Titanium firing pin, mid-weight firing pin spring, Marine spring cups, enhanced firing pin safety

Tungsten guide rod assembly

AlphaWolf blank-gunsmithing slide with Signature Series #20 machining, slide melt for Leupold Deltapoint Pro RDS, DP Pro proprietary rear sight and tall Ameriglo front sight.

Battlecam Urban Cerakote finish

AlphaWolf threaded barrel

Custom engraved 3D slide cover plate


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  1. How is it that we cannot “Share this” other than through facebook and twitter? With their anti 2A stance and deliberate subversion and stoppage of constitutional and conservative information, give us any reason to support them and allow them to log our info for their use. Let us E-mail these great and informative pages to whoever we choose. Sad that you would not see that those organizations are not worth any support.

    That aside thank you this article and for the list of parts for this gorgeous tool.

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