Hit the brakes!

So you’ve just purchased a 9mm carbine, since pistol caliber carbines are the hotness right now, and you want to put a muzzle device on it, preferably some kind of compensator so you can get those wicked fast Instagram splits, right? But what brake to choose?

Obviously, you head over to our page on compensators and start looking. Now, as much as I love the AlphaWolf Compensators, I would pass on them for a carbine project purely for aesthetic reasons. They look amazing when they’re attached to the front of a Glock pistol, but on a rifle? Probably not the hottest look. That’s why I recommend our original LWD Compensator. This one has the looks and all the functionality you need to add it to the front of a carbine build and look cool doing it.

Here’s the slight twist on the project though – don’t get the standard 9mm version. Pictured is the .357 Sig compensator, which would be my first choice for use on a 9mm carbine. Here’s why: the 9mm compensator is designed for 9mm pistols pushing rounds at normal 9mm muzzle velocities. When you upgrade your 9mm to a rifle, the extra barrel length gets you extra velocity, which pushes the round into the sort of velocities you’d get with…wait for it…wait for it…that’s right, a .357 Sig round. So putting the .357 Sig compensator on a rifle makes perfect sense, as the extra gas ports on the side and the top will help keep your carbine cycling flat and on target.

In fact, it’s such a good idea that the dudes at The GunMag used one in their review of Ruger’s new 9mm carbine. You can check their review above, and here’s how the brake looks mounted on the rifle:

That’s our comp!

Everyone likes shooting fast, and as PCCs take the market by storm, there are going to be a lot of great opportunities to customize your carbine. If you want to make your handy rifle shoot even flatter, grab one of our .357 Sig compensators today!

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