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If you’ve ordered a backpack or tarp from Kifaru International, there’s a very good chance that you’ve spoken with Frank “Tort Life” Peralta. At the very least; you’ve seen photos online of Frank in some pretty spectacular places in the name of “product testing”. It just so happens to be that Frank has a very nasty, custom gun habit. And when it comes to things of that nature, we of course are always happy to contribute to that kind of addiction. 



The phrase “tougher than woodpecker lips” has often been tossed around, alongside the name “Frank Peralta”. He’s been known to backpack ten-plus miles into the Colorado backcountry, completely solo with his bow in hand. And he’s also been known to come off the mountain days later, a hundred pounds heavier, with a backpack full of boned out Mule Deer meat. This self-punishing lifestyle helped him to land a job with Kifaru International; a company known for making some of the toughest and most comfortable backpacks on the planet. He now currently co-hosts the Kifarucast podcast, with his partner in crime, Aron Snyder.

Frank borrowed a friend’s Glock pistol to kill this coyote while on a midwest Whitetail hunt.

Along with his backcountry hunting addiction; Frank also is very passionate about Coyote hunting. This led to a conversation about building a pistol that if he decided to take up the challenge; he’d be able to reach out and get the job done at longer distances. He only had two demands: that the pistol be 9mm and that the barrel be “Gold“. At the time, we had a few of our original Lone Wolf G17L slides left in stock, so that was the obvious choice. The six inch barrel that the G17L features, allows someone to juice the majority of the ballistic potential from the flat-shooting 9mm cartridge.

Frank’s “long range” 9mm Timberwolf build, in all its glory.

While we were trying to put together something that would be at home in the woods, with an appropriate color scheme that would match Frank’s requested “Gold” barrel…we weren’t quite sure how it all would mesh. But when it was all said and done, it looked pretty darn good! We applied OD Green Cerakote to a Fullsize Timberwolf frame, and then later sent it off to our friend, Pike at MOD1 Firearms for a flawless stipple job. We filled the lower with enhanced LWD components, including one of our original “342” minus connectors, 6# trigger spring and UAT adjustable trigger. Combined with the enhanced components that we installed into the slide; the trigger pull is everything that you’d want in a long range coyote sniper.

The Slide was coated in FDE PVD and then laser engraved in a topo-map pattern (*we don’t currently offer laser engraving over PVD coatings, due to the risk of the PVD flaking). Not that Frank has a reputation for getting himself lost, or anything like that. We just wanted to help keep him on course, so to speak.

Since Frank is a hardcore Mule Deer hunter, we did a deep engraving of a Mule Deer skull on the ejection port side of the Lone Wolf barrel. Afterwards a TiN PVD coating was applied.

The “devil’s in the details”, or so they say. So to help set off the TiN barrel finish; a deep laser engraving of a mule deer skull was centered on the ejection port side, prior to the PVD finish being applied. A flush cut, deep-cone crown was also added to the barrel, adding a very sleek and tasteful appearance. Initially, the gun was set up with a set of stellar, fiber optic sights from Warren Tactical. But later on, Frank decided that he further could maximize the potential of the G17L platform, with an RDS mounted to the slide. So the piece de resistance was the Leupold Deltapoint Pro that was nestled down into a precisely machined footprint. This last addition will definitely help to add precision aiming capabilities at longer distances and offer quicker follow up shots.

Now, it’s just up to Frank to put this beauty to use and start stacking some pelts! Judging from his track record; he won’t be one to stay idle for too long, and we look forward to seeing him put this beautiful weapon to use.

You can follow Frank’s adventures through:

Kifarucast Podcast



Also be sure to check out Kifaru International and let them know that we sent you!

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