Secret Deals!

Okay, these deals aren’t actually secrets, but most of you aren’t aware of this little section of the website: The Wolves’ Den. This is where we keep our special deals, closeout items, and things that you might be surprised to see.

For example, do you want to get some of the best night sights on the planet? Because we have Trijicon HD night sights for Glock pistols over in the Closeout section, and they’re amazing.

That’s not all, either. There are writer sample AlphaWolf PCCs, blem barrels, and all sorts of random goodies in there.

In fact, there are also complete guns in there, including some really screaming good deals. There’s one that I have my eye on to be honest, but if someone bought it before I did I wouldn’t be that mad. In fact, I think a photo of it will be the end of this post, because this gun is just so cool looking.

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  1. Caleb,
    How often do the blem frames make it to the website? I missed out on the last round and have been checking back daily but it looks like all that is left are the stripped black frames… I’m looking for something with some color!

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