LWD mourns the loss of Frank Dinuzzo

The Wolf Pack was just reduced by one, and we are all staggering under the loss. Frank Dinuzzo was a major contributor and advisor to our company, as well as a close friend. Even though Frank did his best to stay in the shadows and behind the scenes, the firearms community as a whole will no doubt feel a loss in his passing. 

Rest in peace, Frank. You will be missed, but never forgotten!

See obituary HERE.



  1. Frank was the NCO in charge of my academy in 1983. Rumor at the time was that he got hit by a car once and caused $4000 in damage to the car and walked away uninjured. He was moderately terrifying at the time. Had a way with words and was a great firearm instructor.

    1. I knew him back in 2012 when I worked at a gun shop in Troy. He was a mountain of a man even then. Taught me everything I know about Glocks.

  2. Sorry to hear about Frank. I attended Glock Armorer and transitional instructor school all the way back in March of 1993 or 94. And while I cannot say we became good friends or kept in contact over the years, it’s obvious he left an impression in my mind. So long Frank and best wishes to your family.

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