New Products available: Armscor .22TCM9R conversion barrels!

If you’ve never shot a pistol chambered in the original 22 TCM, you are missing out. Pushing a tiny bullet at nearly 2,000 FPS out of a 1911 style platform resulted in a feeling that was similar to shooting a very noisy airsoft gun. To put it mildly, it was rad. But the original 22 TCM was too long to function in most modern semi-autos. Until now, because Armscor has just launched the 22 TCM 9R round, and a set of Glock conversion barrels for it!

So what’s the difference? Simple, really. Using the same brass, Armscor shortened the length of the projectile, bringing to the same OAL as a standard 9mm round. What that means is that now using one of the conversion barrels for either a G17 or a G19, you can have the maximum amount of fun you’re allowed to have with a handgun.

22TCM9R conversion kit; featuring conversion barrel and reduced power recoil spring assembly. *shown assembled with GEN4 adaptor as packaged by the manufacturer. The wire pin is to hold things in place and is to be removed prior to use.

It’s difficult to explain, but imagine shooting a .22 LR that sounds a 9mm, or imagine shooting a 9mm that has basically no recoil. That’s a 22 TCM 9R, it’s just unbelievable fun to shoot such a flat shooting round, and now you can do it out of a Glock with these conversion barrels. The barrels are priced at the extremely affordable level of $140, and come with everything you need to get started shooting, except for ammo. There’s the barrel, a guide rod, and a recoil spring, which is specifically designed for the .22 TCM 9R round, guaranteeing optimal function.

There are some practical uses for this cartridge as well – it’s great for small game and varmints, and it would make a good “in-between” round for a new shooter who’s ready to graduate from a .22, but maybe isn’t ready for a full on 9mm yet. No matter what though, the first time you drop the striker on one of these rounds, you’re going to be grinning from ear to ear.

What are you waiting for? Order your .22TCM9R barrel today!


    1. Dwight, Rock Island Armory has yet to release a G22/G31 conversion in 22TCM9R. This might be due to the fact that a conversion barrel for a .40 based pistol may be too heavy overall for proper function. It was a fine balancing act with the weight of the 9mm-22TCM9R conversion barrels themselves and a long time in the making!

  1. When are you going to have the barrels in stock for the g19 models. My wife ordered back in November and we have yet to see anything. Are they even still available?

    1. We are still awaiting a solid ETA from Rock Island Armory. As soon as we have the intel, we’ll get it uploaded to the product page on the website.

    1. Mikey,
      While the G19 barrel would be compatible, however the recoil spring assembly would not be. We haven’t heard if Armscor has any plans for a G26 conversion kit. But if they make one…we’ll keep them in stock.

    2. I installed a Glock 19 upper on a g-26 lower bought a 22tcm9r conversion kit and a LW spring cover and it works. It’s Glock 1926 22tcm9r

  2. Hi. I bought this for the G17 but I’m seeing conflicting info regarding installation. Is this a drop in replacement or is machining/gunsmithing required?

    1. It’s designed to be a “drop-in” conversion. However, with Glock’s tolerances being so broad and the fact that there can be variances from Glock-to-Glock, there’s always the chance that someone has to do some minor barrel fitting to get it to fit into their slide. It’s not too often, but it does happen.

    2. I realize that you’re asking about the G17. But here’s my experience with the G19 kit.

      I ordered one for my Gen 4 G19. There is a tiny bit of slide wiggle front to back and this induces a malfunction almost every time. I reached out to Rock Island. They said that these are NOT drop in and will require a gunsmith. Maybe a longer/stronger spring would fix this? It seems like overkill to “require” a gunsmith to make this work.

    1. So far, Rock Island Armory has only released conversion kits for the G17 and G19. If they release them for any other models, we’ll for sure bring them in.

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