The care and feeding of your AlphaWolf PCC

The call finally came from your local gun shop; your AlphaWolf PCC has arrived and is ready to be picked up! Ammo has been acquired and all other gear is squared away. Now it’s time to hit the range! But at some point, hopefully sooner, rather than later, you’ll be thinking about the maintenance of your new, favorite carbine.

Anyone who has ever owned a weapon utilizing the AR platform and has ran it enough to be intimately familiar with its workings, knows that a regular maintenance schedule is just part of the program. But what about an AR that utilizes a pistol caliber cartridge, accepts Glock magazines and runs on a short stroke gas piston system?

Well, before you get yourself too worked up with pondering and pontificating; we have the low down for you and straight from the horse’s mouth! One of the head engineers responsible for the AlphaWolf PCC project, breaks everything down in a simple to understand format.

The care and feeding of your AlphaWolf PCC, in the words of Dennis D.

1 – after a day of shooting remove the Bolt Carrier group and clean with a standard cleaner, then apply very light oil ( 3 drops spread over the entire BC should do the trick) – pretty much standard for any gun person


2 – while the BC is out, check the bolt and clean as well – DO NOT over oil the bolt – 1 good drop of oil is all that is needed


3 – while BC is removed, wipe out any residue that might be in the Upper – we do not apply oil to the inside of the Upper


4 – “gun people” can clean the barrel as they feel it is needed – every person has their own opinion on this – we have some people reporting they shoot 2 to 3 thousand rounds before they clean the barrel


5 – gas piston o-rings should be checked about every 750 to 1000 rounds of shooting – it is simple to remove the Gas Block by loosing 3 screws and sliding the GB off the front of the gun – the current forearm does not have to be removed, as it will come off with the GB as a unit


6 – the gas piston will slide out and you can easily see the condition of the o-rings – if needed remove the worn o-rings and replace with new ones


7 – while the GB is off, it is a good time to clean the gas chamber – the chamber is impregnated with a special coating and you should NEVER use a brass or steel brush to clean it – we recommend that you spray a high quality cleaner in the chamber and let it set then use Q-tips or a cotton material swab to wipe out the chamber – insert the piston back into the GB and re-install


8 – while we tell people to check the Gas Plug o-rings, most do not – they simply leave the plug in during the cleaning of the GB – this o-ring is not as critical as the Gas piston o-ring and replacing it every 2 to 3 thousand rounds seems to the standard for most gun owners


Any other area of the gun is just general cleaning and oiling


As for wear, the only thing we watch for is the Bolt lugs – while we cannot control what a gun owner does, many of them chose to feed a steady diet of +P rounds or hot hand loads through the gun, even though we do not recommend this – in doing this can and will cause some premature wear on the bolt lugs


That’s it for wear parts – we have never replaced any of the Ejectors, Gas Block, Upper, Lower, Barrel, Pistons, or Bolt Carriers due to wear – I think I have only replaced 1 extractor – I believe we replaced 1 or 2 Bolt Carriers and this was not due to wear but a couple of people were shooting over charged hand loads and the replacement was just a courtesy thing




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