The most useful tool in my range bag

A long time ago, before I was ever an employee or sponsored by Lone Wolf, I attended a match that they sponsored. At that match I won a Lone Wolf Tactical Armorer’s Tool as a prize, and to this day it is one of the most useful items I’ve ever owned.

Sure, on the surface it just seems like a Spyderco Endura with a 3/8ths punch on the back end, but that’s the genius of it. That’s exactly it what it is, and you don’t realize how useful that combination is until you own one. Obviously, a good knife is incredibly useful. Whether it’s for opening boxes, apples, or people, the razor sharp Spyderco blade will get it done, and the “wave” opener allows you to effortlessly open the knife with one hand. It’s great, and like I said – everyone needs a good knife.

But if you’re a gun person, you need this knife. I’ll be perfectly honest, I have never stabbed anyone with my Tactical Armorer’s Tool, although I have opened quite a few boxes with it. However, you know what I have done? Used the 3/8ths punch on basically every gun, ever. Yes, while it’s “designed” for Glocks, here’s a short list of firearms that I’ve used this pin punch on:

  • Glocks
  • Beretta M9
  • Ruger GP100
  • M4 Carbine (the real deal with burst)
  • AR15s
  • S&W M&P pistols
  • 1911s

The point I’m trying to make is that this thing is incredibly useful. If it sounds like I’m geeking out over this product, it’s because I am. I’ve had one for almost 8 years, I buy them for people as presents, I’ve even bought a couple of spares for myself so that my original one doesn’t get too worn out after all this time.

Here’s the thing that really makes it useful. I’ve had people ask me if it’s better than carrying a multitool from Gerber or Leatherman, and technically, no it is not. But that’s the thing: to carry my Gerber, I need a pouch on my belt, and there are plenty of times where I don’t/can’t do that. But my knife? Well my knife is always clipped in to my pocket, and that’s what really makes it useful. It’s always there.

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