How to get better ballistics from your single stack 9mm

It’s no secret that single stack 9mm pistols are the hottest carry pistols on the planet right now. Everyone wants one, everyone is making them, and everyone is carrying them. However, one of the areas where they struggle at times is getting modern JHP bullets to perform as they were designed. Luckily, there’s an easy fix for this.

Most modern jacketed hollow point bullets such as Hornady Critical Duty, Federal HST, and Winchester PDX1 are designed to give optimal expansion and penetration when fired from a 4 inch barrel. There are a whole host of reasons why that barrel length is used that are beyond the scope of this post. However, most of the popular single stack pistols have shorter barrels, which can affect terminal performance. Here’s the easy fix: threaded barrel.

Let’s say you have a G43: you install our Glock 43 threaded barrel And suddenly your barrel length is 3.98 inches, which is exactly the optimal length for modern 9mm ammo. Or if you have a Smith & Wesson Shield, you can install our 9mm threaded Shield barrel which brings the barrel length up to 3.68 inches over a factory length of 3.10 inches. When you’re dealing with 9mm cartridges out of tiny guns, every inch of barrel matters.

The best part about adding this upgrade to your EDC pistol is that it doesn’t really affect concealability. The G43 and Shield are so small and easy to conceal, that adding a half inch of barrel doesn’t hurt their best attributes: how thin they are. But that extra half inch of barrel can have a significant impact on terminal performance. People carry these small guns to defend their lives in the gravest of circumstances, so getting every little bit of performance possible only makes sense.

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