Product Spotlight: Timberwolf 19L Signature Series

I want a gun with a short grip and a looooong slide – One of the most common modifications that you see in the aftermarket is chopping a G17 pistol so it takes G19 length magazines. It makes sense, because the butt is the hardest part of the pistol to conceal, and the longer sight radius makes the gun easier to shoot. Today’s product spotlight is a full custom Timberwolf Compact that does exactly that: 19 length grip with a Signature Series 17 length slide.

Before we go on, I should add that this pistol is a limited edition, one of a kind one-off item. When it’s gone, it’s gone, and there won’t be any more chances to get it. So…we call that a clue and you should probably just go ahead and hit that “add to cart” button now.

This configuration is extremely popular with shooters who are serious about personal defense for a number of reasons. The 19-length grip allows all but those with truly giant hands to establish a full firing grip on the pistol, and yet is easier to conceal effectively than a 17 length grip. The 17 length slide gives shooters the same sight radius as a 1911 pattern pistol, making it easier to shoot well than a gun with a shorter sight radius. It really is almost the Goldilocks setup for a defensive pistol.

Throw in the Signature Series slide that this gun sports and now not only do you have a seriously functional handgun for personal protection, you have a gun that will turn heads when you take it to the range to practice. That’s a combination that’s hard to beat, so make sure you get on this deal before it goes away forever.

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