The Timberwolf Large is now available for pre-orders!

Ever since the inception of the Timberwolf frame in 2010, we’ve been planning to offer you a version designed for the .45 ACP and 10mm cartridges…and it’s finally here! You can be among the first to lay claim to the new Timberwolf Large frames!

For the past few years we have been hinting around and teasing you with what was in the works. The time for talking up “vaporware” has passed! We are currently waiting for the lawyers to give the nod that the ink has dried on the patent paperwork and our revolutionary design has been protected. We know that this has been a long time coming, but also, we know that you’ll find that the wait was well worth it! We say this, because once you get one of the new frames in your hands, you’ll find a .45 ACP/10mm frame that’s fractionally larger than that of a Glock 17 frame. A 9mm-sized frame, with a full power upgrade and compatible with multiple Generations!

It accepts G20 or G21 length magazines, and will accept any slide designed for the G20, G21, G40 or G41 frames. This means that your dreams of an ergonomically superior 10mm or .45 ACP are finally possible. Combine the new Timberwolf Large frame with our stainless steel slides, AlphaWolf barrels, internal components and multitudes of custom options; the ability to construct the perfect full-power pistol for your specific needs is within range!
The new frames are in hand and the time to pre-order is now! The Timberwolf Large is just around the corner, lurking like the apex predator that it is. Regardless of the application; backcountry or back alley, the Timberwolf Large has you covered. Now that the first production runs have been completed and the final stages of the patent process are coming to a close, the wait is almost over…are you ready?


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