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As far back as you can remember, you have always craved an “epic adventure”. Reading magazine articles about hunting in faraway places and living vicariously through photos and stories from social media sites have soaked up far too much of your time. You decided that it was time to have an epic adventure of your own and then the planning, list making and saving began. The months of planning, physical training and preparing have seemed to fly by and your excitement has reached a boiling point! The time has come, and the adventure you’ve craved is so close that you can smell the mountain breezes,  feel the weight of a full pack on your back and the turf beneath your boots. But even with all of your gear research and preparation; you can’t help but ask yourself “am I really ready? Have I covered all the bases and planned for every event?”, now your excitement is tainted with a twinge of doubt.

Be sure to include some 10mm “bear spray” while preparing for the next epic adventure.

Of course, you can’t always be 100% prepared for every situation that may unfold, especially when you’re dealing with mother nature and the elements. But by making intelligent choices and trusting your gut instincts, you can travel far and thrive when situations are at their worst. Backcountry adventures can take place in some rugged and potentially dangerous places. The animals that inhabit these places are equally as dangerous, being genetically equipped to kill and conquer. You’re in their house. But what you lack in fang and claw, you make up with brains. What do your brains and instincts tell you? They tell you that you’ll rest a lot easier during the long nights spent in a tent and during the long days spent on the trail, if you have some legitimate and easy to deliver firepower at your side, and not just some aerosol-delivered hot sauce!

We can help you with your conundrum. The new Timberwolf Large frame is the perfect platform to build an ergonomically superior 10mm, or 45ACP pistol. Yes, on paper “they” say that the safe bet is to lead off with bear spray, before relying on a firearm for bear defense. But what happens when that plan blows up in your face and fails (having this happen literally is only a fickle bit of wind away)? What about other large predators; both four and two legged? I don’t know about you, but above all else, my primary job is to come home safe and sound to my family. One phrase that gets tossed around, is that “two is one, and one is none”. I myself whole-heartedly subscribe to this mindset and make sure to have more than just a “plan A” in place. It just so happens that my “plan A” for backcountry defense comes in 10mm flavor.

With the Timberwolf Large frame, you can upgrade an existing Glock 20, 21, 40 or G41; but where’s the fun in that?! We have the raw components to build up your perfect backcountry woods gun from the ground up! You can have it as utilitarian and spartan, or as high speed and feature-full as you want. You tell us how you want it built; it’s just what we do.

The Timberwolf Large frame is not just a platform to deliver 10MM and 45ACP firepower; it’s a platform that delivers peace of mind. Don’t let your epic adventure be tainted by fear and doubt. Secure your position at the top of the food chain and venture forth with confidence.

Our “bear spray” patches sum things up nicely and puts everything into perspective.


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