New finish option: Battlecam Green!

In the spirit of all things wild; we’ve added a new color option to our Battlecam custom finish lineup: Battlecam Green

Our original launch of the Battlecam camo finish line was well received and met with very enthusiastic feedback from our customers. But living in North Idaho, which is rippled with mountainous ridges and covered in trees…and especially with the release of our new Timberwolf Large frames; it just seemed appropriate that we’d add a more traditional color scheme to the camo Cerakote lineup. After all, the idea behind camouflage and applying it to yourself or an object is to blend in with your surroundings…right?!

And there you have it; the decision was made, the initial samples looked great and the title of “Battlecam Green” was assigned. Between the original options (Battlecam Black, Battlecam Urban and Battlecam Desert) and now our newest woodland-themed camo color scheme, we have all the bases covered. This custom finish is perfect for any firearm, regardless of its intended use. Because at the end of the day, we all know that “stock” is just…boring. Currently you can order any of our Battlecam options for your slide (with or without a compensator: the price is the same), frame or complete pistol. The current lead time is 5-6 weeks and prices start at $149.95 and go up to $274.95. And since this is a Cerakote product, you can expect a long life of stylish protection for your favorite sidearm.

You can see the current Battlecam options, including Battlecam Green, here.


  1. I was literally just thinking this morning, “I wonder if i could ask for a battle cam with green it?” then a see this post! Awesome! Thanks Lone Wolf!

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