Browning Hi-Power Barrel Fitting

The AlphaWolf line of barrels isn’t limited to just Glock barrels, as you might already know. In addition to our famous Glock barrels, we also offer barrels for Beretta 92-series pistols, the M&P Shield, and most importantly right now, the Browning Hi-Power. For the venerable BHP, we have two options: a drop in fit barrel, and a barrel that requires some gunsmith fitting.

T​oday we’re taking a look at where you need to remove material on the gunsmith fit barrel to make sure it works with your frame. On the diagram below, the barrel is shown upside down, with the area highlighted in red that indicates where material needs to be removed.

W​hen fitting the barrel, it’s best to remove the material in very small, incremental amounts. One pass, test fit, one pass, test fit. Like the good carpenters say: “you can’t put wood back once you’ve cut it.” That’s also true about the steel our barrels are made from, and if you paid $150 for a threaded barrel, I imagine you’ll want to be careful with it as well. I can’t stress the importance of cautious cutting enough.

O​nce you do have your barrel properly fitted, you can get started enjoying all the fun of a threaded barrel on your classic or modern BHP. Fitting compensators or suppressors is always fun, and it enhances the enjoyment of this classic design. Don’t let people tell you “oh you can’t do that to a BHP!” It’s your gun, do what you want and have fun! After all, what’s the point of guns that aren’t fun?

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