Lone Wolf Distributors: Growth and Innovation

It’s an interesting time in the firearms industry. While the market for black rifles is heavily saturated and companies are blowing out inventory at record discounts, other aspects of the industry are doing better than ever. One of those niches inside the firearms industry is the community dedicated to improving and upgrading the Glock pistol. At the forefront of that industry is Lone Wolf Distributors.

Headquartered in Priest River Idaho, Lone Wolf Distributors were one of the first companies to offer upgrades to Glock pistols, and years later they’re still leading the aftermarket community with products like their 3.5 pound connector and AlphaWolf barrels. Lone Wolf employs 30 people at their headquarters location, with another 20+ contractors and support staff in different locations across the US. They recently expanded their machining capacity as well, by adding additional CNC machining capacity at HQ and with their contracted facilities.


The Lone Wolf R&D staff in front of (and on) the latest addition to the production side of things in Priest River, Idaho.

The interest in customized Glock pistols has never been higher – there are shops ranging from small one person operations all the way up to major companies working on polymer guns now. Custom slides and barrels and practically de rigueur if you’re posting your gun on Instagram, and no one gets tagged more in those photos than Lone Wolf. Their barrels have been known for ages as the best choice for shooting all types of projectiles, whether it’s standard jacketed rounds or home-made cast lead bullets. This reputation for quality comes directly from their rigorous testing procedure for new products. New barrels are tested in a barrel vice, and then installed in a ransom rested pistol to test for accuracy; trigger pulls are tested using a trigger control machine that allows Lone Wolf to measure weight and trigger travel.

Recently, Lone Wolf expanded their barrel product line to include more than Glock barrels. They have barrels for Smith & Wesson M&P Shield pistols that allow you to convert your .40 S&W Shield to a 9mm, or to add a threaded barrel option to your 9mm gun. Additionally, they have a conversion barrel for Glock 42s and the Ruger LC380 that allows shooters to change the pistol over to the ballistically superior 9mm Makarov round. That’s not all, as they also offer threaded and standard barrels for Browning Hi-Powers and threaded barrels for the venerable Beretta 92-series of pistols.

Lone Wolf is about more than just making great products; it’s a family friendly company. Many of the employees at HQ attend the same church, their kids go to the same schools, and there are even a few husband and wives that work there. That creates a close-knit environment where everyone is working towards a common goal, and that goal is more than just a paycheck. Whenever that happens, the results are going to be great. Speaking of the community, Lone Wolf are big supporters of their local youth, sponsoring high school sports, trade classes, and hiring from the local area. In fact, the local high school uses the Lone Wolf Civil War Mountain Cannon to celebrate touchdowns during all home football games!

At the heart of Lone Wolf’s product line you’ll find one consistent theme: affordable innovation. Lone Wolf has been the thought and product leader in so many areas, with their 3.5 pound connector changing the way people thought about Glock triggers. They also drove the industry to standardize on 1/2×28 pitch threading for 9mm barrel accessories, and of course their original Timberwolf replacement frame offered end users the first drop-in replacement frame for Glocks that actually worked correctly right out of the box. Not content to just offer the Timberwolf frame, Lone Wolf also sells slides, barrels, and all small parts. They’re the only company that offers all the parts necessary to build a complete pistol from the ground up!
They’re still riding the innovation train, launching a new version of the Timberwolf frame that works with Gen3/Gen4 guns using their patented adapter, in .45 ACP and 10mm, and soon to follow the 9mm/.40 S&W version that will be compatible with all Glock Generations.

If you’re interested in supporting companies that believe in doing business ethically above all else, that invest in their community, and most importantly put the customer first, you should really look into Lone Wolf Distributors. Even if you don’t own a Glock!

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