.22 TCM vs. 5.7, who’s the winner?

Gun Tests has an article up comparing two hotrod sub-caliber pistol cartridges: the .22 TCM vs the 5.7×28. I won’t blow the whole test for you since you can read it at the link, but the .22 TCM had some pretty interesting performance advantages over the 5.7.

The big problem with the .22 TCM is that it’s only available in Rock Island pistols…but that’s not entirely true. See, recognizing that people wanted the same ballistics as the .22 TCM but in their own Glock pistols, Rock Island modified the .22 TCM to create the 22TCM9R, which is the same round but with an OAL that will fit in 9mm Glock mags. To make this work, all you need to do is buy the Rock Island Armory drop in barrel kit that will let you convert your existing Glock 17 into a .22 caliber fire breathing dragon.

Who cares if it’s practical? I mean sure, you could try to justify as saying that a light recoiling high velocity round is a good choice for self defense, but you don’t need to do that. This is America. You can buy just because “that looks cool.” So get your 22TCM9R Glock 17 Conversion Kit today!

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