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Recently The Truth About Guns did an article entitled “6 Best Custom GLOCK Replacement Slides To Augment Your Austrian Arms”. We were honored to be mentioned as “the best known suppliers of aftermarket parts for GLOCK pistols”. This status is directly related to the amount of hard work that we’ve put in over the past twenty years.

In the article, they really only touched on the fact that we offer slides…a lot of slides. But our established customers know that we offer much more than just slides. With that being said, here’s what the chaps at TTAG had to say:

Custom GLOCK slides are one of the easiest ways to dress up and make your GLOCK a little more unique.

“Let’s face it – standard GLOCKs are, well, boring. They’re everywhere! Everyone and their brother has a GLOCK; it’s old hat. One way to make it better – or possibly even interesting – is to upgrade some parts, and adding a custom slide is a slam-dunk way to do that.

But where to start? Who makes the best?

“Best” is rather subjective; at a certain point there’s no “best” of anything but there is a “best for you” out there. But here are 6 awesome custom GLOCK slides to start with.

6 Best Custom GLOCK Replacement Slides To Augment Your Austrian Arms

Lone Wolf Distributors is arguably the best known suppliers of aftermarket parts for GLOCK pistols. Chances are if you line up 10 guys with a heavily modified GLOCK, at least three or four of them have Lone Wolf stuff. Alpha Wolf slides are a series of slides, rather than just one, ranging from 90 percent slides that you have to complete to basic OEM-pattern slide machining to Damascus steel. It’s entirely up to you.

Alpha Wolf slides are mostly – though not exclusively – available for Gen 3 9mm pistols, and at that mostly GLOCK 19, GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 34, though some are available for Gen 3 GLOCK 26 pistols as well.

However, all you get is the slide, which is machined to accept standard sights. Adding a red dot optic and all slide components will be up to you. You can have LWD do it or install them yourself. Prices start around $175 but go up to $1500 for the slide alone; all other options cost extra.”

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  1. Do you build a complete upper in 10mm as seen in your available pictures that would go onto my Glock 21SF? I understand I’d need new mags but for an up coming Alaska Fishing trip with current ammo available it would be a sound field partner.
    Please let me know. I’d like a compensated match barrel set up, if possible coated in a camo color. Also the heavy recoil springs for the heaviest 10mm available field loads. Buffalo Bore etc..

    1. Yes we do! We currently have standard G20 slides in stock (OEM Profile and Gunsmithing Blank slides for custom profiles).
      We do offer custom porting options, or you could run a threaded barrel and your choice of the two compensators that we offer. We also have some excellent Cerakote refinish options. I’d suggest our Battlecam options: https://www.lonewolfdist.com/Detail.aspx?PROD=922625.

      If your run a ported or compensated setup, you likely could get by with a Tungesten guide rod (add some weight up front) and a standard 17# ISMI recoil spring. Of which we offer both.

      Feel free to shoot me an email and I’d love to walk you through the order: luke@Lonewolfdist.com.

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