BREAKING NEWS: LWD wins court case against counterfeiter!

Counterfeiting taking place within the firearms industry?! Say it aint so?! Unfortunately it happens more than anyone would like to admit, and even we have been a victim. Most recently, it was something as “small” as a knock-off thread protector being sold by a distributor as an authentic LWD product. You might be thinking “a thread protector? You went to court over a thread protector?!”. But as hard as we’ve worked for these past two decades to build a rock solid reputation and to set the standard for our industry, we did not take the situation lightly. Adding fuel to the fire; when the offender was asked to cease and desist, we were promptly told to “pound sand”. So of course, a line had to be drawn and a stand had to be made!

This was the official court case press release:

“Lone Wolf Distributors vs Sopcom, Inc. and Bravoware Inc. both dba Bravotac, Federal District Court, District of Idaho

Following a jury trial, the Defendants Sopcom and Bravoware dba Bravotac were found to have infringed on Lone Wolf’s Trademark and the Jury awarded statutory damages of $37,500.  The trial was based on the Defendants infringing on the Trademark by counterfeiting Lone Wolf’s trademark for the purpose of offering thread protector(s) for sale. Gino Shemesh’s now-defunct companies, BravoWare dba BravoTac and Sopcom, also had a $16,201.75 judgement entered against them in 2015, the same year Lone Wolf filed the suit against them, as sanctions for making misrepresentations to the Court about their connection to Bravotac.

JR Shepard, Lone Wolf founder and CEO stated, “Gino Shemesh’s actions were an affront to the entire close-knit firearms community. These types of behaviors will not be tolerated.  Lone Wolf has always been, and will continue to be, committed to protecting our brand, trademark, supply chain and customers from unscrupulous business practices”.”

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