Lone Wolf gets caught with their pants down: but justice is served!!!

How often do you think companies get caught up in the “victimless” crime of credit card fraud and just have to eat it as “the cost of doing business”? Well, it happens quite often. And as an added bonus, innocent tax paying citizens also get caught up and are negatively affected.

What is one simple and easy way to scam a company? Purchasing gift cards with stolen credit card info. The thief never makes direct contact with their victims, it’s all done remotely through a computer. And you, the hardworking tax payer doesn’t even have a clue…until an odd charge is noticed on your credit card. And often by that point, the other victim in this scheme, the online retailer, has already packaged and shipped product to the thief.

What does this so called “victimless crime” mean for everyone? It’s a chain reaction that ripples down the line, causing damage at each turn. The first link in the chain is the person who’s personal information is stolen. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that while in the end you might not lose your money permanently, it’s a huge disruption of your life that causes a truckload of grief and stress. In the meantime, the person responsible for the damage often skates away scot-free.

This actually happened to us recently and we ended up shipping ten separate orders that totaled over $5300, paid for by eight different stolen credit cards. The silver lining to the situation, was that all orders shipped to a Mr. Bochen Li, of 3735 SW Bunchberry AVE #305 – Corvallis, OR 97333.

The location that all orders were sent to and where the Corvallis PD found Mr. Bochen Li.

Between the combined efforts of our local PD contacts (Officers Christopher Davis and Ray Bitton) and Officer Derrick Samuels of the Corvallis PD, they were able to serve a warrant at the residence and take Mr. Li into custody. He was charged with multiple accounts of “Fraudulent Use of Credit Card” and ID theft. His bail is currently set at $1,050,000.00…! Our hat’s off to the Boys in Blue, but the battle still continues for restitution. While we wait to see how everything shakes out, we are taking steps on our end, to ensure that scumbags don’t have such an easy time of working the system and using our gift cards as a way to perpetrate their scams.

See official Benton County Jail Inmate Detail HERE.


  1. GOOD! FRY THIS B__TARD! There is NO SUCH THING as a “Victimless Crime”! Somebody has to pay for any theft, whether it’s the manufacturer/ owner, or the regular customer, the bank, or the guy whose credit card was stolen and used! Far too many times, the Police, or, more likely, the area District Attorney, decides it’s not worth prosecuting some jackwad for ID Theft. THAT only encourages repeat offenses! Members of my family have been victimized by a-holes stealing their identity. One woman stole my daughter’s ID, and she tracked them back from Austin, TX, to Lake Charles, LA. My daughter had the street address, the woman’s real name, all the cops needed to do was go pick her up, and they declined! Meanwhile, my daughter’s account was frozen, even her checking account, because her Debit Card account was the one stolen. Yes, she eventually got the accounts freed up, and all lost money returned, but what a pain in the butt to do so! Victimless Crime, indeed…

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