LWD welcomes back Jason Matzinger: Into High Country TV

Jason Matzinger is no stranger to the LWD family. In fact, he was one of the original hunting pro staff members, back around 2010. At that time we had built him a Timberwolf Fullsize, chambered in .357 SIG that he used as his backcountry defensive pistol.

You might be familiar with the show “Into High Country with Jason Matzinger”, which airs on the Sportsman’s channel. Jason’s known for his storytelling and cinematic chops; a great departure from the traditional “whack em and stack em” hunting TV show. Because of this, it made for a perfect fit back in 2010 and was an obvious choice now, to ask Jason if he wanted to work with us again.

Now that we have the Timberwolf Large frames available, we have a platform that can be used as a base to build someone’s “ultimate” backcountry sidearm. That’s what we did in Jason’s case. We were able to offer him a pistol that was basically the same size as his original Timberwolf Fullsize .357 SIG, but is chambered in the much more powerful 10MM cartridge. He also ended up with a few more upgrades above and beyond what his original Timberwolf had. Here’s the breakdown:

You can find out more about Jason Matzinger and Into High Country here.

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