The .40s aren’t dead! 40 > 9

There’s often a point in time when something just strikes you as odd, compelling you to step back and assess the situation. Case in point: the latest 9mm craze.

Since its debut in the 1990’s, .40 S&W was and has been the dominant cartridge among LE and EDC practitioners. But then suddenly the FBI backpedals in their choice of sidearm caliber, 9mm pistol models are flying off the shelf and every instructor is preaching quantity and speed of rounds delivered on target, as opposed to the long accepted well-placed, 180 gr. double tap to center mass. What one moment was undeniably the perfect defensive cartridge, was knocked off its perch seemingly overnight.

Is it as simple a case of bullet design and loading technology advancing to the point where a lighter, smaller bullet can perform adequately enough, where quantity of rounds in the magazine and the cry of “less muzzle rise” have all but erased a once favored caliber? Or is there more to the story that we are not seeing?

Is there a deep-rooted conspiracy to erase the venerable .40 S&W cartridge? Is .40 no longer greater than 9? These are all questions that we seek answers to. In the meantime, we are determined to revitalize and lift up a long forgotten icon and choose to sell select .40 S&W barrels at 33% off.

Do not be mislead! The .40s aren’t dead! .40 > 9.

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