Outdoor Life’s Tyler Freel names his “Ultimate Bear Defense Pistol”

Recently we built up a Timberwolf 10mm to the specs of Outdoor Life writer, Tyler Freel. In his latest article “An Expert’s Guide on How to Stay Alive in Grizzly Bear Country”, he names the pistol as his “ultimate bear defense pistol” and offers quite a bit to consider when it comes to bear defense.

Here’s an except from his article that deals with things to consider when using a pistol for defense while in bear country:

Ideal Handguns for Bear Protection

For a shooter-friendly defensive handgun that has affordable practice ammo, the 10mm is hard to beat. There are lots of options these days, but for stock pistols, the Glock 20 and Springfield Armory XDM 10mm are great options.

It is very important to select your carry ammo carefully, and you will want non-expanding, deep-penetrating bullets, such as Buffalo Bore hard-cast, or Lehigh Defense Xtreme Defense bullets loaded by Underwood Ammo.

My Personal Ultimate Bear Defense Pistol

Lone Wolf Distributors Timberwolf Large. The TWL features an improved Glock-style frame and slide, but highly customizable. Other key features:

  • Aggressive slide cut pattern for reduced weight and easy front-slide cocking
  • Cut for a red dot optic and tall front sight
  • Arredondo magazine extension (20 +1 capacity)
  • Surefire X300 Tactical light
  • Kydex Chest Holster: Scout, made by Northwest Retention Systems.

Read the complete article here.

For additional discussions by Tyler Freel on bear guns and bear defense, you might want to give this episode of the Tundra Talk Podcast a listen.


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