Guest blog: Zeus7Actual talks training and his go-to pistol setup

I have been using Lone Wolf Distributors products in my pistol builds for the better part of a decade; from bear guns to personal defense weapons. This build was intended to be abused and ran harder than any of my pistols, as this was going to be built for the training floor. I needed something that could perform every time, ultimately making things easier for me. This build exceeded every expectation I could imagine!

Daniel’s loadout for his classroom grind.

Hey friends, My name is Daniel Liss, and I’m the owner of Zeus 7 Actual LLC. I run a defensive firearms training program and wanted to give some insight on what I do, and what I run as my go-to pistol setup.

Zeus 7 Actual was actually my call sign in the military for the last few years that I was operational. I have always been drawn to firearms and tactics, so after a decade of service I went the Private Sector route and worked as a trainer for International Special Operations Forces; working with CQB, Marksmanship, and Small Unit Tactics. So now where am I??? I am now stateside, and am currently offering the same instruction; but to law enforcement and civilians, here in the good ol’ U.S.A!

It’s undeniable that the demand for quality training in the private sector is growing. And this is being proven by the scores of new trainers out there being added to the roster almost weekly. But I feel that with the amount of current and relevant knowledge that I’m bringing to the table, my students walk away with much more than what they might learn from a cookie cutter instruction course. I have taught on the Military Side of the house, the Corporation level as a civilian, and the Private Sector in multiple languages (with a translator). One Class I recently taught, was a condensed version of my Combat Marksmanship Course, to 20 SWAT operators outside of Detroit, Michigan.

Daniel demonstrating pistol marksmanship to a group of SWAT operators.

With 4:30 wake up call and a two hour drive ahead of me, I had nothing but time to continue going over talking points and going over my courseware. See, this is the first time teaching Americans, on American soil to this extent. My previous job had me teaching international students, which required a translator. So everything I was about to teach, I knew the connection was instant, and feedback was going to be even faster, without having to translate it.

This class was held 29 miles outside the city of Detroit. It was hot, humid and held a chance of rain throughout the day. The operators were split up and I had half for the morning and the other half for the afternoon; this was primarily for risk management reasons. We started off with a warm up, and then continued to progress from there. It was a pleasure working with these guys; as the more I threw at them, the more they stepped up. We worked transitions with multiple threats and continued to progress into moving. I had them working on being explosive before, during, and after engagements to ensure they were not only a harder target to hit, but to continue looking for cover and being able to engage a threat.

We worked up to using the entire range with an array of threats and non threats throughout the course. We continued to work speed and accuracy into things. The class ended with a culmination event, using everything we learned throughout the day. Running, Shooting, thinking on the move, and wearing full kit, covered in sweat, made these guys really work through the drills. It was great to see 110% given the entire time, which makes me understand a little more that these guys are the real deal, here stateside. I’m honored to be asked to work with them.

Loading mags and swapping stories.

My Lone Wolf build worked flawless the entire day and it was the least of my concerns. I shot great, and to demo with no warm ups in front of a bunch of Alpha type personalities; It brought everything full circle. In my opinion, I am not normally a huge fan of tricking out guns unless they are range guns, but using LWD in my builds I have never been let down. They continue to impress me by keeping the tolerances tight, and the thought of never having my pistol fail ensures I sleep peacefully at night.

The inaugural stateside class, taught through Zeus7Actual LLC.

My Pistol build I run for my classes

Glock 17 Frame

SS22 Slide with Silver Battleworn Cerakote finish

Lone Wolf Titanium Firing Pin

Marine cups

4lb striker spring

Complete Guide Rod assembly

Night Fision Night Sights

Ultimate Adjustable Trigger (I remove pre travel and over travel screws)

 Threaded AlphaWolf Barrel (for fun stuff) with Frostbite PVD coating

Classes that I offer to everyone are: Personalized Home Defense Classes, 1 on 1 Basic Pistol and Rifle Classes. I also offer CQB and custom classes for Law Enforcement and Military Units, depending on their mission set. Check out or find me on instagram and see what I have been up to: @zeus7actual.

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