Lone Wolf in the Media: Guns.Com and the Daily Show

If you haven’t heard of Courtland Hunt, then you clearly don’t watch the Daily Show. Courtland is an underwater gun fisherman, which is honestly a sentence I never thought I’d write, but here we are. He uses a lightly modified Glock 17 that features one of our threaded barrels as well as some other small parts accompanied by his FireFish muzzle device, which you can read about at Guns.Com.

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Secure your place at the top of the food chain

As far back as you can remember, you have always craved an “epic adventure”. Reading magazine articles about hunting in faraway places and living vicariously through photos and stories from social media sites have soaked up far too much of your time. You decided that it was time to have an epic adventure of your own and then the planning, list making and saving began. Continue reading →

Lone Wolf in the Media: Jeremy Johnson – Bowhunting Sucess

We recently had the privilege of working with author, Jeremy Johnson and helped him to build his perfect “10mm Bear Spray” setup. He was kind enough to check in with us and share not only his 2018 Oregon Elk harvest, but also a piece that he wrote for his local newspaper that detailed his decision to get more proactive with his “bear deterrent system”. Continue reading →