Convert your Glock 42 or Ruger LC380 to 9mm Makarov

Previously we covered the interesting history of the 9×18 cartridge, which I left with the observation that guns chambered in 9×18 weren’t the affordable blasters they used to be. I wondered how neat would it be to take advantage of cheap 9mm Mak ammo without having to drop $350-$400 bucks for a brand new gun. I have a confession, because that was a bit of a set-up, since you can convert your Glock 42 or your Ruger LC380 to 9mm Makarov!

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Understanding the 9mm Makarov

One of the most fun things about being a gun nut is the number of different 9mm cartridges that are out there, and how confusing keeping them all straight can be. There’s .380 ACP, which is called 9mm Short, 9mm Corto, and 9mm Kurz in some places, obviously 9mm Luger/Parabellum/NATO, 9mm Largo, .38 Super, 9×23, and probably a few more. Today we’re going to talk about another 9mm cartridge: 9mm Makarov, or 9×18 as it is properly known.

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Lone Wolf launches outstanding affiliate program

Do you have a blog, youtube page or a social media presence? Do you like money? Do you like guns? Do you want me to keep asking you dumb questions?

I didn’t think so. Instead, I’m going to tell you about our cool, new affiliate program. Not to throw shade, but most of the other affiliate programs in the industry kinda suck. Getting paid a 2% commission only on specific products is lame. There’s no juice for you, and most industry programs just sort of…fizzle.

That’s why we followed Amazon’s example and took a hard look at their affiliate program. Look, why reinvent the wheel when there’s already a perfectly good program out there? A program that people have used to make a lot of money, actually. Our program is similar: link to our website or a product using the banners and tracking links we provide, and if someone buys a product within a 14 day window (for most websites) BOOM you make 8%. Eight percent! Someone could visit our website via your web link and easily throw down a grand on a custom build. And the next thing you know, you’ve got 80 sweet bucks in your bank account, that you can turn around and spend on more gun parts, with us…!

Just kidding, you can spend it on whatever you want. Do you want to start turning your content into dollar signs, while building a partnership with us? Go to this link and make it happen!

One gun to rule them all

The alternate title of this post could be: “why a pistol caliber carbine makes perfect sense.” In case you hadn’t noticed, pistol caliber carbines, or PCCs are so hot right now, I could use that meme of Will Ferrel from Zoolander to describe them. This is thanks, in large part to USPSA adopting PCC as a division, and a horde of 3-gun shooters also adopting PCC as a solid choice. But what if you’re not interested in competition shooting, does a PCC still make sense?

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Locally grown, GMO-free slides and barrels

A few years back, Subaru had a great set of commercials which you might remember. They called it “The Love Campaign” and the tagline was “Love. It’s what makes a Subaru.” They coupled that with ads pointing out how all Subarus for sale in the states are made in Indiana, and that their plant is so wholesome there are deer running loose on the grounds. The reason why these were great ads is that they connected Subaru with their passionate user base while also showcasing the company’s emotional investment in their own products.

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Is modifying your guns a crutch?

When I was first learning how to shoot, my father gave me an air rifle, specifically a Crosman Pumpmaster 760. This old gun could should BBs or lead .177 caliber pellets, and when you fed it the good lead pellets, it was fairly accurate. Being the ingrate that I was, I immediately asked for a scope to mount on the rifle. My father, in his wisdom, said “you need to learn how to shoot with iron sights before you can shoot with a scope.” So I did, and I eventually got pretty okay at shooting with the iron sights on that little rifle.

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New custom slide pattern: what did we just do?!

There’s times around the ol’ Lone Wolf R&D department, when the beer is flowing freely and someone breaks out a crayon and sketches out an idea that is really outside of the box. And with the proper adult supervision, these ideas get recorded for posterity and end up on the machine room floor. And with that being said…check out what is being added to our Signature Series slide line, dubbed “#23”!

All angles of the Signature Series #23 are a direct departure from the norm.


We debuted the #23 this past weekend, at the Brownells 2nd Amendment Sale. The question was posed to attendees, if they had “ever seen a round profiled slide, intended for a Glock frame before?”. The answer was a resounding “no”, no one had EVER seen a custom slide quite like this. The feedback was a nice mix of “what the heck?!”, “that’s surely different!”, “how does it shoot”, “take my money now!!!!”…to “that’s disgusting! Why would you even do that?!”. The Signature Series slide #23 definitely created a buzz, if it did anything. We can’t wait to get feedback from customers who order this pattern and take it to the range! This design should make for a very fast-tracking and flat shooting slide….just wait until we release a matching compensator!

As always, we are ever moving forward, looking ahead, and always outside the box.